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The most memorable evenings around food feel like an experience.  Like it couldn't have happened anywhere else, in any other way.  We do experiences; from custom menus, to parties at beautiful venues and even creating stories around the food to reflect place and time, we seek to execute at the highest level to entertain you, our guest.  


Let us come to you to entertain. We have the freedom to move, unlike a traditional restaurant.  New locations provide a new canvas for us to create, which lead to amazing stories for you and your friends, family and team. 

Fresh Ingredients. Unique flavor combinations. New friends. The chefs at Mix Projects offer a new and approachable perspective on fine dining that is not to be missed!
— Jenny B.



Direction | Production | results

Show it off. The details we obsess over in the dining experience cross over to our visual media. We collaborate with you to articulate a vision for original content through creative direction, post processing through honest work and honest hours,  and a sharing strategy to execute measurable results. Let us identify you and your experience and convey it with our high visual standards. 




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Join incredible teams like these that can say Mix Projects has brought incredible content, memorable experiences and an overall good time to their organizations and customers. 



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