The Company

Mix Projects is a media company that seeks to execute unique gastronomic experiences and share stories from our point of view.   We work tirelessly to find freshest, tastiest, and sustainable products out there and aim to bring them to you, deliciously and excitingly. We measure our success based on your happiness and try our best to increase your know-how, awareness, and overall feeling of pleasure. In other words, we love you. :)

The Values

It's simple: individual guest experience, pride, and fun. We obsess over these values in everything we do, from the quality of the products to the latest photo we've shared and even the way we present a dish. 

The People

An entertaining and quirky family made up of educated journalists, James Beard and Michelin-weathered chefs, sustainability-experts and restaurant-expeditors, all working tirelessly to make you smile!

High-fives, coffee, and constant pushes for growth are common, as well as urgency and diligence. In simpler terms: you have the best of the best sharing and cooking for you! 



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